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How to make Steve Solomon's Complete Organic Fertiliser (video)

Speedy demonstrating how to make Steve Solomon’s Complete Organic Fertiliser.

Solomon's Complete Organic Fertiliser (recipe)

The recipe is best viewed on desktop rather than mobile device.

There is a Google Docs version here.

Everything my soil was missing (video)

Steve Solomon showed up to fix our bad soil: see what we did!

Soil Remineralization & Nutrient Density (podcast)

KIS Organics Podcast. Episode 6: Steve Solomon Covers Soil Remineralization & Nutrient Density.

The Intelligent Gardener (book)

The Intelligent Gardener
Growing Nutrient Dense Food
by Steve Solomon

This book goes into a bit more depth on soil science and remineralisation , but in an easy to understand way.

Stonemans Book Room often stock copies of it.

Centuries of agriculture have dramatically depleted our soils causing the nutritional value of fruits, grains and vegetables to decline dramatically, but the process of returning soil to true fertility is widely misunderstood. The Intelligent Gardener is an essential guide to achieving better health for you and your family by remineralizing your soil using natural materials to grow nutrient-dense produce.

Growing Vegetables South of Australia (book)

Growing Vegetables South of Australia
Year ‘Round Tasmanian Food Gardening
by Steve Solomon

This book goes more into the rationale behind vegetable timing and spacing, digging, veggie bed preparation, compost, irrigation and watering (or not) weeding etc.

Unlike many modern books on gardening with pretty pictures, this is all based on his trials and experience.

He’s also not afraid to admit to past mistakes… that is as valuable as if not more so than his successes .

It’s quite specific to his climate ( Tamar Valley, Tasmania ), but climatically similar to Central Victoria .

We just have we have a slightly longer growing season and more extreme- higher summer temperatures and lower winter temperatures.

Vegetables in the home garden (book)

Vegetables in the home garden
Published by Department of Agriculture, Victoria, Victoria, Australia, 1960

The above book, published by Vic govt. printing office on behalf of Vic dept of Agriculture.

Well worth getting. Concise and succinct.

A valuable accompaniment to Solomon’s books in that it divides Victoria into 3 different climatic zones (with map) and gives appropriate planting times for veggies set out on an easy reference table for each zone.

Just ignore most of the toxic rescue chem stuff .
Good info on soils , bed preparation seedraising etc.
Old school veggie growing.

Vegetable Gardening in South-Eastern Australia (book)

Vegetable Gardening in South-Eastern Australia
by Ralph Ballinger and Hank Swan

This book treats more of SE Australia (Large areas of South Aust. and NSW and Tasmania)

Again dividing SE Australia into 3 climatic zones for planting times for veggies.

It, like the Vegetables in the home garden book , deals with the different veggies by giving a page or two for each , all set out in alphabetical order through the book.

Soil prep info and seed raising info is good.

Highly recommend.

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